Team Quiets

clean snowmobile designers

The club

The Quiets Club is above all a group of enthusiasts. Whether you are an engineering, mechanical or electronic enthusiast, we are constantly looking for progress, innovation and performance. 

our mission

Quiets’ objective is to design a more environmentally friendly snowmobile from existing components on the market, and thus offer affordable and quickly realisable alternatives.

Less fuel consumption, less polluting emissions and less noise while maintaining maximum performance, that is the challenge of the Quiets snowmobile!

our challenges

If snowmobiling is a sport that is often criticized for its noisy and polluting aspect, we believe, on the contrary, that it can stand out by being up to the ecological challenges of our time. By using avant-garde technologies and by re-appropriating traditional methods, we seek to restore the image of this activity with great potential.

However, we do not forget the pleasure of this sport and seek to have snowmobiles always more powerful.

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Our team

Whether they are fine mechanics or engineering neophytes, our members are all driven by the common pleasure of teamwork and learning.

We believe in the potential of each of our members to come up with new ideas to make our snowmobiles more environmentally friendly and responsible.

Our vehicles

We work on two types of engines, gasoline and diesel.

Discover the specificities of each of our snowmobiles