our mission

QUIETS : a team, a mission

The Quiets Club is a university science club at the École de technologie supérieure de Montréal. This club allows motivated students to test their technical knowledge in an environmentally forward-looking manner. They are trying to improve the image of snowmobiling, an activity that is often criticised for its noise and polluting effects.
Quiets’ objective is to design a more environmentally friendly snowmobile from existing components on the market, and thus propose affordable and quickly realisable alternatives.

The competition

Every year we participate in a competition in Houghton, Michigan. This competition pits us against other universities. This competition, the SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge, is organised by the SAE. The SAE intl. Society of Automotive Engineers, is an organisation that offers, among other things, competitions in the field of engineering.

During this competition, each team is evaluated on several aspects of the snowmobile. These include emissions, fuel consumption, noise, performance and handling.

The club's track record

CSC 2020